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Forrest Galante Wants To Find This Extinct Animal – TWTtitleonly Ep. 146

We discuss a painted dog scam in a Chinese zoo, an extinct animal that may not actually be gone, and a woman got mauled by a bear while taking a selfie.

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Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT 146 Breakdown
00:00:00 Start
00:01:36 Dogs Painted As Pandas
00:05:09 What Certain Dogs Are Bred For
00:15:05 Grey Ghost Lizard Extinct or Alive?
00:22:26 Living in the Wet Season
00:24:50 Rock Climbering
00:26:31 Lady Mauled by a Bear while Taking a Selfie
00:30:46 Producer Kyle's Date
00:43:05 Bizarre Animal of the Week
00:49:55 The Loneliest Whale
00:55:07 $3B to Ruin Your Day Every Day

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