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TWT #93 – Coyote Peterson Talks Stings, Favorite TV Moments & Career Advice

This week, Broologist Forrest Galante and Broducer Patrick DeLuca are joined by the one and only Coyote Peterson! Otherwise known as the King of Stings, Coyote brings first-hand wildlife experience and animal knowledge to the table. Talking everything from sting pain reviews, favorite moments on Coyote’s show Brave The Wild and Forrest’s Extinct or Alive, through to how to ACTUALLY get into a career with wildlife, there is a gold nugget or two in this episode for everyone.

Love you Brosteners, Enjoy!

TWT #93 – The Breakdown


01:47 – “Extinct animal guy” (Forrest Galante) and “the guy who gets bitten and stung” (Coyote Peterson) talking brands

03:20 – How Coyote Peterson went viral

5:40 – Forrest’s career advice from Joe Rogan

6:45 – Coyote Peterson on turning Brave Wilderness into Brave The Wild

9:36 – If Steve Irwin had the crocodile, Coyote Peterson had the common snapping turtle

11:08 – How NOT to hold snapping turtles (*cough* Turtleman *cough*)

17:17 – Coyote Peterson is a F***ING genius

18:15 – Coyote on Youtube vs Television

20:30 – Watch Coyote Peterson get stung by the Cicada Killer

23:28 – The King of Stings dropping juicy HINTS

23:50 – Execution Wasp and Giant Hornet vs Bullet Ant

25:23 – Coyote Peterson’s gnarly Execution Wasp sting

27:15 – Coyote’s favorite experience on Brave the Wild: Jaguars in the Pantanal

29:07 – Magic moments on Extinct or Alive

30:15 – The Broducer’s favorite moment on Extinct or Alive: Forrest Galante sniffs green jungle powder

31:10 – Forrest geeks out on Australian Wobbegongs

34:25 – STORY TIME: 19 year old Forrest Galante gets bitten by a lemon shark

37:56 – Pat’s pre-BR game: Forrest Galante vs Coyote Peterson for $15M

39:26 – Forrest pitches his top bucket list expedition

41:10 – Coyote’s dream expedition

43:15 – Why is Forrest so scared of going to remote Papua New Guinea (but would 100% do it anyway)

44:56 – What’s next for Coyote Peterson?

48:57 – How do you ACTUALLY work with wildlife for real?!

52:28 – Broducer Pat goes to Yellowstone

54:38 – Forrest is ‘discount Coyote Peterson”

1:01:13 – BATTLE ROYALE!!
Classic BR: Create your own animal choosing elements of 3 animals – head, body, and legs – for an all-out battle in an arena. Caveat: your choices must be ONLY animals you have personally worked with. Snake draft, go!

1:03:06 – Pat’s first choice: HEAD of a 1200 pound Alaskan Brown Bear

1:04:46 – Forrest’s first choice: HEAD of a Taipan Snake

1:05:49 – Coyote’s first choice: HEAD of a Common Snapping Turtle

1:06:20 – Shoutout to Dave Sunshine, don’t let the boys down

1:06:38 – Coyote’s second choice: LEGS of a Wolverine

1:07:12 – Forrest’s second choice: LEGS of a Mountain Goat

1:07:55 – Pat’s second choice: BODY of a Fin Whale
1:08:40 – Pat’s last choice: LEGS of a Scolopendra (Red Centipede)

1:09:50 – Forrest’s last choice: BODY of a Fishing Cat

1:10:42 – Coyote’s last choice: BODY of an Alligator Gar

1:11:55 – Battle Royale RECAP

1:12:35 – Forrest’s quality outtro & where to see more of the King of Stings, Coyote Peterson

Don’t forget to comment on the pod and vote for who you think won this Battle Royaaaaale!

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