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New Mystery Species Found At Bottom Of The Ocean – TWTtitleonly Ep. 139

New mystery alien-like species have been discovered in the deep sea off the coast of Costa Rica, a new species of ring seal has been discovered in Greenland, and an incredible-looking animal has been raised off the endangered species list. Enjoy!

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Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT 139 – The Breakdown
01:30 – New Deep Sea Octopus Discovered
07:35 – Alcohol Blanket
11:35 – New Ringed Seal Discovered in Greenland
18:50 – Forrest Looked For Extinct Seal / Analy Probing A Shark
22:50 – How Lack of Sleep Affects You
27:00 – Saiga Removed off Endangered List
33:40 – New Studio Talk
39:10 – 3 Truths and a Lie
49:35 – Create Your Fantasy Trail Mix
54:15 – Battle Roayle
1:06:13 – Wrapping Up

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