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TWT #101 – Monkey Gangs Are Breaking & Entering Homes

Forrest, Patrick & Peter discuss Orca and White Shark behavior in South Africa, talk about What's In The News and we get a wild story about Forrest's cousin in South Africa. Plus an update from Forrest about his bear problem at home.


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Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT #101 – The Breakdown

00:00 – Intro

02:45 – Core Brostners

03:42 – Orcas & White Sharks in South Africa

08:40 – Do Sharks Communicate?

11:25 – Animal Eating Behavior

17:56 – What's In The News?

31:05 – Forrest Bear Update

33:39 – More Monkey Talk

38:20 – Forrest's Cousin in South Africa

45:20 – Patrick Goes Phoneless

49:03 – Bizarre Animal of the Week

54:45 – Wrapping Up
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