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TWT #97 – The @Casual Geographic King Joins!

Joining The Wild Times Pod this week is the popular social media star Mamadou Ndiaye AKA @mndiaye_97 AKA @Casual Geographic AKA Hood Nature. Mamadou talks to Forrest, Patrick and Retep about how Mamadou got started on his social media journey, what it's like to be “the TikTok animal guy”, Mamadou's bucket list animal experiences, and his new book coming out July 5th!

Preorder @mndiaye_97 new book now: https://www.amazon.com/100-Animals-That-Can-cking/dp/0316453773

Enjoy, brosteners!

TWT #97 – The Breakdown

00:00 – Introducing iNat Chat, a new segment with Drew Kanes and Dom Allianelli

00:32 – Intro

1:02 – Introducing TWT & Mamadou (Casual Geographic, @mnyiaye_97, hood nature)

2:36 – How Mamadou and Forrest first met

3:00 – Who is Mamadou Ndiaye?

3:40 – How did Mamadou get started on TikTok?

6:00 – What was Mamadou's first animal video?

7:47 – How young people consume new media

9:00 – Forrest breaks down Mamadou's content

10:22 – Is Mamadou excited to be “the animal TikTok guy”?

11:27 – What it was like going to school for Mamadou

13:22 – National Geographic's The Last Tepui

14:45 – Mamadou's bucket list animal experiences

15:40 – Africa vs. Australia

17:38 – Will Mamadou be going into the field?

18:30 – Forrest's jaguar video in the Pantanal

20:44 – How Mamadou makes his videos

21:13 – The guys pitch Mamadou their TV show ideas

26:57 – Killing off Mitch the camera guy on Extinct or Alive

28:10 – Karen the Alligator

32:18 – Mamadou's most-watched videos

33:16 – Whales Spy Hopping

35:50 – Free Willy 5

37:48 – How Mamadou deals with haters

43:00 – Forrest's son is an animal

44:50 Mamadou's new book!

48:05 – Forrest has a death wish

49:35 – Battle Royale!!!

1:03:54 – Battle Royale Recap

1:05:19 – Mamdou's socials

1:06:13 – iNat Chat teaser

1:07:05 – Outro

iNat Chat #1

1:07:37 – Intro to iNat Chat

1:08:46 – Caecilians

1:12:47 – Jumping Spider

1:18:42 – Snowy Owl

1:24:00 – Outro

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